Self-lost at being unique.

You’re special, curious, vehement and eager to know about everything. You probably heard people saying this to you several times : ” Dude you literally love everything” and then your answer would be: ” it’s existing to be loved  by somebody” Perhaps it would sound too cheesy for them, but for you it’s a truth you strongly believe in and it’s too hard for you , almost impossible, to let go of it.

You’re that kind of person who will take time to enjoy every single detail of something, whenever your eyes catches a deep ocean of beauty, you can not detain yourself from sinking far down. Your arrival to your destination was planed and drawn by a tiny artistic fairy creature, couching from the outside world. Thus your brain remains the best secret cache for it. It releases itself by using you as a puppet that executes whatever it commands. You’re satisfying it by your actions, you’re hosting a gate that connects it with what surrounds you without actually realising it.

You know more than I do, that this character is within you, it is the one that makes you love everything, the one that makes you feel surprisingly catholic and interested about the attractiveness of life. You are creating this astronomical hybrid of beam that explodes beautifully once it saturates into an extensive ray of light,  allowing fireworks and a bunch of cherry blossoms to free their first inhalation to join the world. You are generating life, cause you know the real value of every pillar of it. You are a hope and a future. Well this little friend that controls your intuitions, and you’re probably wondering about right now, is actually You! Each person has it, but it differentiates from one to another by the manner and time each one give to it. Some people will admire beauty and star-gaze for a certain amount of time then leave it. Some will take their time, study it, be curious to know more about it, this is you!

Sometimes your love towards what hunts your soul, tears you down. Everything that makes you fall in love, keeps you as a concealed unreleased cave man, it holds you back from scraping what makes your path unclear, from wearing away your ambiguity  That’s what you think. indeed it’s not a bad thing, you’re just giving a break to yourself to clear your thoughts out and erase the virus by actually being it. It’s a way for you to throw the trash in the been, to spill the beans, to face the pain and be strong enough to surpass it.

Perhaps you don’t know which boat to ride anymore, but keep your eyes to the horizons and you’ll know which way to go. The web of your life is insanely large , it’s totally aberrant to get lost, in this entangled maze, but you should know that there is certainly a way to reach your desires. Thus feeling lost because you’re passionate about everything, isn’t an obstacle that will make you feel confused about which ship to choose. Indeed pick one randomly, manage the headsail with the wind and make sure to stop sometimes to give time to what attracts both of your eyes, mind and soul.


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